Food Additives

The company is a leading food additives and food color supplier with high-quality standard for over 20 years; our experienced food specialize can work with your research and development department to meet your unique product requirements for all types of food around the world. The food additives we offer give extraordinary solution in various industries including food & beverage, dairy, meat, instant noodle, pharmaceutical, feed, veterinary, bakery and confectionery etc.

Most of our food additives and food color are natural or nature source meeting the demands for products that are in line with the growing trend towards natural concepts. Our vision is to bring the nature into the food product.  


Butterbuds: Natural concentrated product,replace milk powder,butter,cheese,cocoa butter,enhance other flavor,cost saving by ingredient reduction
Caramel: Natural color 
AquaMin: Natural calcium source,easy to absorb,give better texture,improve bone density


Butterbuds: Natural milky note,improve mouth feel
Caramel: Add chocolate and coffee color
Flavor: Better taste
Soy flour: Make soy milk without residue,convenience mix,better taste
AquaMin: Natural calcium source,easy to use


Butterbuds: Contribute mouth feel,cost reduction,heat stable
Caramel: Natural brown color
Flavor: Better taste 
AquaMin: Easy to use in chocolate


Butterbuds: Provide fatty flavor note,improve ice cream quality,contribute mouthfeel,enhance other flavor
Caramel: Natural chocolate color
AquaMin: Dispersible calcium


Butterbuds: Mask off flavor,providefatty flavor notes,replacecheese in cheese sausage,costreduction
Caramel: Smoky color,reducesmoking hour
Soy Protein (flour/pieces): Replace 50% meat,nosoy taste,waterbinding,NonGMO,improvetexture
AquaMin: Natural spice,lowcost,easyto use


Butterbuds: Provide fatty flavor notes,natural concentrated dairy product
Caramel: Natural light brown to dark brown red color
Oleoresin Powder: Easy to use,strong natural taste
AquaMin: Natural calcium source,easy to use